RAW Feeding

Dinner time for 7.  Usually meals to not include much veg or greens but occasionally I supplement.

What should I feed my dog?


That is a question I see over and over on all the bulldog Facebook groups I belong to.  It's the same question I have had for years.  

After doing massive amounts of research, switching from brand to brand (of 5 star, high quality kibble), and still seeing recalls and hearing of dogs getting sick or dying I felt the need for a big change.  I scoured the internet (mostly YouTube videos) and finally came across RAW FEEDING 101 By Scott The Dog Dad. It is by far the best, most informative site packed with tons of videos, step by step instructions and even tips for discussing RAW with your family or your vet.  There are calculators (the math was the hardest part to feeding raw) that do all the work for you to make certain you are feeding your dog a balanced, appropriate diet.  

I have been feeding my adult dogs RAW for a year now and have already seen such a tremendous change in their overall health and attitude.  My girls bounce back from a litter much quicker and look better.  Their coats are softer with less shedding and I have seen a big improvement in their teeth.  

The bowls in the picture is dinner for seven English Bulldogs.  If you look closely, you can see Roux looking up with anticipation.  I usually do not supplement or add greens but occasionally I do.  Those bowls contained ground beef, beef tripe, a small portion of beef heart, ground pork, kidney, liver and some puree pumpkin and parsley. ( I had read that parsley helped with tear stains but after several weeks I did not notice any improvement)  Breakfast that morning was a chicken back which contained all of the bone need for the day.

The biggest change I noticed after transitioning to raw, that makes me the happiest, is the overall attitude of my little dog pack.  At feeding time they used to quietly eat their dry kibble.  Some would push it around the bowl before eating, some would wait until later before eating.  No one seemed too excited about any brand of high quality kibble that I purchased and served.  But now...oh wow!....Now the difference is amazing.  When they see me laying out bowls - the dancing begins.  They make the cutest noises that I interpret as them encouraging me to go faster and get that bowl down in front of them!  They dance and sing!!  Seriously!  They have all turned into gulpers and that bowl is licked clean in no time.  

Some days they get meaty bones and they are happy to put great energy into chewing up that bone.  It's great exercise as they put their entire body into it.  It makes me so happy to have improved their quality of life.

If you are interested in RAW feeding, I would direct you to: www.rawfeeding101.com - it has all the information about feeding raw, plus worksheets and calculators.  I would encourage you to join the Facebook groups "RAW Feeding 101 - Learn to Feed Raw"  and Keep the Tail Wagging - A Novices Guide to Raw Feeding for ongoing support.  Keep the Tail Wagging's author Kimbery Guathier has a blog and has written a great book for Raw feeders. (It's a great book for any one feeding raw, not just beginners)  

Scott The Dog Dad has recently updated his videos and I cannot stress enough how clear and easy to understand Scott makes Raw feeding .  He gives you all the information and tools you need to get started and feel confident that you are doing the best for your dog.  

Here are links to the website and FaceBook groups:

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