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Welcome to North Georgia Bulldogs -
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We love our English Bulldogs like family

Located in Rock Spring, Georgia we are breeders of purebred AKC English Bulldogs from healthy, show quality bloodlines.​ WE ARE NOT A KENNEL. We raise our bulldogs and puppies in our home and proud to be part of the AKC BRED with H.E.A.R.T program.

Each of our puppies at North Georgia Bulldogs are:

  • AKC registered 
  • Micro-chipped
  • Current on vaccines & dewormings
  • Litter pan trained  
  • Written 1 Year Health Guarantee


  • Certifying that our breeding stock is healthy in accordance with the recommendations of their breed’s National Breed Club.


  • Promising that we will pursue AKC provided or AKC approved continuing breeder education so that they stay educated on the best breeding practices, including advances in canine health.


  • Agreeing to comply with the AKC Care and Conditions Policy, including inspections by the AKC, and promising to share with AKC health testing and continuing education documentation.


  • Accepting responsibility for the health and well-being of the puppies we produce and for complying with all laws regarding the ownership and maintenance of dogs.


  • Upholding the AKC’s tradition of breeding purebred dogs that are happy and healthy.