NGBD Brienne of Tarth

NGBD Brienne of Tarth is a beautiful "flashy red & white" girl with a sweet and gentle personality.

Brienne fits the Standard of Conformation for an AKC English Bulldog.   She has a straight top line, wide chest, lovely rose ears and is perfectly healthy.  She is an easy breather and always seems to be smiling.  Brienne has no health issues.  That means no allergies or joint problems and no skin or coat issues.  She is a funny, funny bulldog that loves to roll in the grass when the sun is shining.  Brienne is Ginger's daughter.  As you can see below, they look very similar and have the same super sweet personality.

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NGBD Oyster Crackers is a fawn and white, piebald bulldog with lots of big personality. She has the big square head, super thick neck and wide chest we love with lots of wrinkles and rolly-polly coat. She is the boss of our little group. Crackers is curious and funny.

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NGBD Cajun Coco Puffs

Coco has a wide chest and a lovely deep red brindle coat.  Her fur is super soft, especially on her head.  She loves treats and has a soft mouth.  How can you say "no" to those eyes?

Coco is an easy breather with no skin, coat, or digestive issues.  She has never had problems with her joints or any allergies.  She is a very healthy girl with lots of energy.

Check out her AKC Pedigree loaded with Championships.

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